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Hi everyone!

I’m a Chartered Tax Accountant living near Portsmouth with a keen interest in health and fitness, cooking and movies, but stick with me it gets less boring from this point on!

Born and bred from Somerset, as well as the obvious love for cider I’ve had a keen interest in all things “geeky” through my whole life from board games to RPG’s to Games Workshop to online-gaming. You name it I’ve probably been involved in it at some stage. All of these hobbies have involved some degree of friendly competition or co-operation mixed with human interaction, which is what draws me into them. The chance to get a group of like-minded individuals together and escape from the boredom of reality for a short while, don’t we all need a distraction from time to time? And if it’s got anything to do with sci-fi, fantasy or superheroes especially (I’m a big Marvel/DC fan) you can almost guarantee my interest.

Back in 2013 I discovered a local board gaming group which I now co-run and was instantly hooked on how modern board games had changed so much from the 80’s mainstream classics I was used to previously. After doing some research and watching many YouTube shows on the subject I decided to jump in on the critic bandwagon and started up my own blog and podcast “The Broken Meeple”, which has been building up successfully over time and is now a proud member of the Dice Tower Network. Putting out content such as reviews, discussions and Top Ten lists I like to focus on gateway games where possible which are entry points to the hobby for those unfamiliar with board games.   

Nowadays I attend many UK conventions throughout the year such as the UK Games Expo and smaller gatherings including AireCon, ManorCon, StabCon South & SorCon. But also 2016 will be my second year attending Essen, Europe’s biggest board game convention. A personal goal would be to have the ability to attend one of the US conventions, but that’s a faraway dream currently!

I tend to like a wide variety of games, but I will tend to really appreciate those with a strong theme attached, where it’s less about the underlying mechanics and more about the sense of immersion. Do I feel like I’m doing what the game says I’m doing, can I get immersed in the story, are players roleplaying for giggles, that kind of thing. Therefore I’m less keen on what I call “dry” mechanical games where theme is an afterthought and the whole experience feels more like an extension of my day job. The more social interaction the better, which is why you will usually find that co-operative, bluffing/negotiation and party represent some of my favourite game categories, but that’s not to say I can’t enjoy a heavier brain-burner game from time to time and I do love quick head to head abstract strategy games.

So check out the blog if you can and subscribe to the podcast. I also have a Patreon campaign running so if you can help out in any way, I'll be eternally grateful! Also feel free to attend my Portsmouth gaming group.  I hope one day to share a gaming experience with you!

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jez said...

Hi Broken Meeple,

My name is Jeremy Hogan, I'm the designer of Dreaming Spires, a board game that lets players build their own Oxford college, recruit great scholars, such as Tolkien, Shelley and Wilde, and deal with exciting historical events. It's currently on Kickstarter - check out our video: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/949153718/dreaming-spires

It would be great if you wanted to cover the game, I'd be happy to provide images, answer questions, anything you like - just let me know what would be of interest!