Detective: Season One Review

 I don't normally release reviews this often in a week or even on a Tuesday but the embargo just lifted and well "I want to get in first"! :P

The Detective series of games now has another addition in the line up. A standalone expansion with 3 new cases to enjoy that are a little bit shorter than previously and not made into a campaign. But as it's standalone, you don't need the previous box set to play it - so did we just find a new entry point into the series for new players?

00:00 - Introduction 00:40 - Detective Overview 02:46 - Duration 03:53 - Ease of Play 05:54 - Tactics & Strategy 08:39 - Aesthetics 09:45 - Immersion 11:25 - Longevity 13:30 - My Final Word & Verdict 15:33 - Channel Promotion - One Pip Wonder 16:58 - Check Out My Other Content Get an exclusive 5% discount from watching my channel at ZATU Games using the code: "TBMEEPLE5"