Ticket To Ride "Small Box" Comparison

 With the new release of Amsterdam we now have three mini Ticket to Ride boxes to choose from. But what's the difference? In this video I'll be going over the key differences between the three sets and giving my personal ranking and reasons why.

Please also stay tuned to the end because the first of my "Support Small Channels Initiative" kicks of with a promo video for Board Game Perspective.

00:00 - Introduction & My View on Ticket To Ride In General 02:48 - What Are These Small Sets? 03:24 - Aesthetics: New York 03:53 - Aesthetics: London 04:39 - Aesthetics: Amsterdam 05:59 - Scoring: New York (Please Subscribe!) 06:55 - Scoring: London 07:49 - Scoring: Amsterdam 08:50 - My Rankings & Ratings 11:32 - Channel Shoutout: Board Game Perspective 12:33 - Additional Content To Check Out