Board Game Glossary PART III

I kind of mucked up the bokeh focus settings on the camera for this one, sorry. I did what I could in post to sharpen the image, but I couldn't re-do over 30-40 minutes of footage. :-(

We gamers can get carried away when we talk about board games, forgetting that not everyone has heard of all the confusing terminology we go over. So in 3 videos released throughout August, I'll be helping some of you new gamers get to grips with what we're talking about! Today, we catch up on what's left in the final part going over terms that haven't yet made the cut, but focusing mostly on gamer traits.

00:00 - Introduction 01:06 - Alpha Gamer 03:43 - Analysis Paralysis 05:26 - Casual Gamer 06:17 - Cult of the Old / New 09:27 - Kingmaking 11:30 - Metagame 13:38 - Turtling 15:15 - Min-Maxer 16:45 - That's All Folks! 17:26 - Channel Promotion - Board Room Gamer 18:20 - Subscribe & Other Content to Check Out Get an exclusive 5% discount from watching my channel at ZATU Games using the code: "TBMEEPLE5"