Accessorize - Folded Space - Fields Of Arle

 Right, a little experiment here! I got 4 Folded Space videos to upload once edited but essentially I'm trying out using my smartphone as the overhead camera on a flexible mic crane - it meant I didn't need to buy any new kit beyond what I already had. The first couple of videos were handled visually by a webcam with the laptop, but when I discovered the fan noise was too easily picked up by the smartphone I then changed to my DSLR for the final two.

Throughout these 4 videos I gather intel about how the video and audio handled the situation because it would be interesting to see if there is any hope that solo board game plays are possible within my limited space and budget. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. As for the video, this is my assembly of the Fields of Arle insert from Folded Space. Apparently able to handle the Tea and Trade expansion as well. We'll see about that! This video has been edited to keep the length down for YouTube, but if you want to hear all my ramblings from start to finish you can check out the full unedited video as a subscriber on my Patreon channel. Get an exclusive 5% discount from watching my channel at ZATU Games using the code: "TBMEEPLE5"