Top 10 Games That Escaped Me

Editor Note - Adobe didn't change the numbering on the countdown numbers for my #1 for some reason, but I'm not going to back to re-render a whole giant video for it. So yes, it says #2 twice in a row, but you're all intelligent people, I'm sure you'll manage! :-) Right, hopefully you won't overreact on this list! :P We're back to positive Top 10's so you got no reason to be mad now! Also as a warning, yes my eye looks very red, I had an eye infection for a few days brought on by the excessive hayfever, this has now dissipated as I write this. There are too many games released each year to play them all, so some will slip the net or escape me for whatever reason. Here are 10 games that escaped me, that I really want to play - but why did they escape me and why do I want to play them so bad? 00:00 - Introduction 02:40 - #10 05:30 - #9 07:56 - #8 09:47 - #7 12:01 - #6 14:14 - #5 17:32 - #4 20:23 - #3 22:45 - #2 26:17 - #1 29:38 - Conclusion and Shortlist #escaped #brokenmeeple #topten #lukehector #dicetower