Oriflamme Review

In Oriflamme, the players find themselves in the middle of a medieval feud over the French royal crown. The King is dead! Long live the King! As heads of influential families, the players strive to come to power with cunning and malice, power and strength, virtue and infamy. Their goal: the king's throne! In the tactical card game, hidden cards are played in turn. By tactically uncovering and activating their effects, players can outdo or get them out of the way, because all players have the same goal in mind — to collect the most influence points for their family and thus win the game. Never heard of it, wouldn't look at the cover twice, but it was recommended to me by a contact at Asmodee. It's 20-30 minutes and you know what, I'm up to here with everyone talking about giant 3-4 hour Euro monsters and nothing else - so let's have a good look at this little filler. 05:25 - DURATION 06:35 - EASE OF PLAY 07:44 - TACTICS & STRATEGY 10:54 - AESTHETICS 14:38 - IMMERSION 16:08 - LONGEVITY 18:32 - MY FINAL WORD #studioH #brokenmeeple #oriflamme #lukehector #dicetower