On Mars Review

This is a long one guys! I wanted to keep it short like other reviews, but it's just not possible for these heavy Euro games, there's too much to talk about! I did a quick vote on Twitter and the people opted unanimously to release it as a full video and not split it. So that's what you get, a bumper edition of a review for Vital Lacerda's On Mars! But of course, if you want to navigate it, check out the timestamps below - I hear that they help! :P In the beginning, you will be dependent on supplies from Earth and will have to travel often between the Mars Space Station and the planet's surface. As the colony expands over time, you will shift your activities to construct mines, power generators, water extractors, greenhouses, oxygen factories, and shelters. Your goal is to develop a self-sustaining colony independent of any terrestrial organization. This will require understanding the importance of water, air, power, and food — the necessities for survival. Do you dare take part in humankind’s biggest challenge? 03:20 - DURATION 05:10 - EASE OF PLAY 11:38 - TACTICS AND STRATEGY 17:38 - AESTHETICS 20.55 - IMMERSION 23.25 - LONGEVITY 26:52 - MY FINAL WORD & RANKINGS OF LACERDA GAMES #OnMars #eaglegryphon #vitallacerda #boardgames #brokenmeeple #lukehector #dicetower