Top 10 Story Driven Games

When I look at my games I tend to rate 9's and 10's, one thing that I have noticed is that a lot of them are what I call "scenario based" or "story driven" games. Now scenarios are more a case of me putting in the story as I play, but I love a game where there is already a story in place and you're playing through it via the game mechanics. So here are my 10 games where I feel the story is the strongest element for me enjoying them. What are your picks, I'm sure there are plenty more than the 10 here, let us know in the comments and explain why they're your chosen picks. Also I hope you like the revised transitions and lower thirds used in this video. I feel they link better to the intro style and are certainly A LOT quicker for me to edit in the post production process. 0:30 - Intro 03:36 - 10 06:15 - 9 09:37 - 8 12:38 - 7 16:19 - 6 19:00 - 5 22:00 - 4 27:12 - 3 30:11 - 2 33:46 - 1 38:21 - Honorable Mentions