Journeys In Middle Earth Review

If I could be plagued by recording issues it happened here. Light batteries failing, my microphone not working despite being plugged in, etc. Thankfully I think I managed to salvage it in the editing room so hopefully this will still be a decent video for you.

This has been getting a major divisive reaction on social media, you either hate its guts or you love it to bits. Really? I expected this from other hyped games this year, but this wasn't the game I would have picked to receive it.

So as I adventure through Middle Earth, are these reactions justified or is there a middle ground?

0:20 - Intro & Overview
05:08 - Duration
07:22 - Ease of Play
12:10 - Tactics/Strategy
17:10 - Aesthetics
20:13 - Immersion
26:58 - Longevity
33:06 - Final Thoughts