Top 10 Games That Scale Well

When you think about it - many games do not scale well at all. 2 - 5 players, most of the time I guarantee the two player version is bad and the 5 player version is too long and boring. It's very hard to scale a game for all players though, but I think I've found 10 good ones here to talk about.

What are your picks, I'm sure there are plenty more than the 10 here, let us know in the comments and why you believe they scale well?

I might make this the last video I use the Top 10 Transitions on. As much as they give a more professional feel, you have no idea how much longer they make editing on these Top 10's and I have to cut editing down as much as I can. So I'll likely be finding a quicker, easier alternative for future while still retaining the "quick announcement of the game" factor.

Also I'm suffering a bad hair day in this video, just pointing it out so you don't have to! ;-)

0:30 - Intro
03:26 - 10
06:45 - 9
08:46 - 8
10:55 - 7
13:21 - 6
15:44 - 5
18:01 - 4
20:33 - 3
22:45 - 2
25:05 - 1
30:01 - Honorable Mentions

What are your choices, let me know in the comments!