Top 10 Games I Love To Fail At

If you're confused by the title, let me explain! I try to win every game I play but winning is never important to enjoy a game as you know. However some games you'll play for hours and hours and getting beat on leaves a sour taste. However some games leave you either laughing your head off so much or with insane stories to tell, that you don't care about who wins one little bit. In some scenarios you actually think you enjoyed it more by doing badly. Yeah I know, it's a weird topic, but hopefully when you see the games it will make sense. People got uptight about doing a video that others had done (because "the internet") so if you want unique, here you go! :P Also sorry for the PSA at the start, but after recent events, it needs to be said. 0:30 - Intro & PSA re Trolls/Speech 05:14 - 10 07:32 - 9 11:12 - 8 14:30 - 7 17:22 - 6 20:05 - 5 21:56 - 4 24:06 - 3 26:20 - 2 30:46 - 1 33:50 - Honorable Mentions What are your choices, let me know in the comments!