DICE Board Game Lounge - Friends/Family Taster Event

DICE held a Family/Friends event last night - I limited my photos to actual games played and "pre-setup", but suffice to say the place was packed! This was a "taster" event to get feedback so even though it looks pretty much finished, they will still make even more improvements prior to opening.

The lounge is certainly decked out nicely to a modern standard, with an elegant mix of modern tables and bar facilities combined with the rustic "scaffold board" look on the walls as well as some interesting "board game patent" memorabilia on the walls.

There's plenty of good quality square tables to play most games on, but if you need to play something larger then there's 3 giant custom tables near the bar and library, one of which is my sponsored table for the KS. I basically sat on that table and taught games all night. Lovely black felt material, cards just slide on it effortlessly, and it actually makes me regret not getting black for my personal table felt as game colours really pop out on that surface.

Drinks wise, there's a good selection of alcoholic and soft drinks, finally I don't have to stick to horrible Strongbow all the time, I can grab myself something half decent and I'm sure lines will fluctuate over time. even the food was tasty and I'm glad to see they have tried to steer away from just simply unhealthy snacks and actually provide some decent deli style food.

Literally any issues from feedback were fairly minor ones (Virgin needs to install internet, cigarette box outside etc), all of which will be easily dealt with by the time the place opens (hopefully 6th October!). The event was a big success and I'm excited to see the saga come to a close and potentially provide us with not only a cool venue to play games at, but also a potential way to boost the POB club even further in terms of exposure and members.