Season 2 Episode 24 - AWARDS

Sorry its been a while guys - work is causing me no end of sleepless nights and my recent PC calamity didn't help! That's why this episode is a little more "slapdash" than usual. But bear with me, next episode should see a return to form!

In this episode I take on two main topics - firstly I reflect on my recent experiences at AIRECON, the growing convention in Harrogate run by Mark Cooke and his team. This time I brought my girlfriend along who's not a gamer by nature - so how did it turn out?

After that with the announcement of the Golden Geek Awards 2017 on BoardGameGeek - I have a few words.........and say about them.

00:00 Introduction
05:52 - AIRECON
23:54 - Golden Geek Awards 2017