Broken Meeple APProved - Carcassonne (STEAM)

Sorry videos have been lacking lately, firstly it's been horribly stressful at work with extended hours in this peak period, secondly it's been convention season, thirdly I had the video assets issue to contend with following a PC upgrade and fourthly just to top it off, I caught the flu this week! Joy!!
However here it is folks! The first episode(s) of my new Broken Meeple APProved series! This will not replace reviews or Top 10's but I wanted to add more variety to the channel and I figured that as board game apps are such a big part of gaming now, that I'd go check a load of them out and show you how they work by giving them a playthrough, hopefully for your enjoyment.
Each game will feature up to two videos - one for a tutorial mode if the game has one and another for the actual playthrough. Now this is a work in progress and I'm always up for improving the quality so consider this a "pilot" episode if you will. I'm open to constructive criticism for improving audio, picture, style, whatever so feel free to leave your ideas in the comments (please be nice! :P)
Otherwise, I hope you enjoy my playthrough of Carcassonne on STEAM!