Pulsar 2849 Guest Review - It's Dry Space Salad And I Don't Care!

You know that feeling when you want to play a game to find out more, but you're worried that it could be one of your worst experiences ever? Maybe that's just me, but Pulsar 2849 was one of those titles that gave me a lot of dread. I saw Tom Vasel's review and he raved about it, which I wasn't expecting. I then watched a live playthrough and laughed my head off as Zee Garcia trolled the show while hating the game. And I know my history of not being a fan of "most" super-dry cube pushing, point salad Euro's - most of which come from Stefan Feld who, as nice a man as he is, doesn't design games that appeal to me personally. Even Czech Games Editions as a publisher haven't wowed me with many games, though I respect Through the Ages and Tzolkin and quite liked Dungeon Pets.

Now assuming that didn't just push away half the people reading this review, let me continue on. Even if at first glance I wasn't getting hyped for this, there were some aspects that drew me in. The variation in setups and options made it sound like almost a sandbox style game, something I do like a lot. Even though I knew the space theme would be tacked on with 5 year old sticky tape, I'll take it over Trading in the Mediterraean or <insert generic Medieval village setting here> any day.

And sometimes I'll be surprised with a hidden gem that shines through regardless - I made a whole Top 10 list on the subject (Exceptions To The Rule) and could easily go beyond that. We all have expectations or preconceptions about everything in life whether consciously or subconsciously and anyone who believes that it's possible to blank a mind totally clean of such things is living in a dream world and should expect Mr Charles to make an appearance. So with all that said, is Pulsar 2849 an unexpected pleasure?