Bloodborne Guest Review - That Still Only Counts As One!

OK, straight up, I’ve never played Bloodborne. I barely know about it. I know it’s an impressive looking, very dark, very difficult 3rd person action game where you go and slay some admittedly, impressive looking monsters  with lots of blood and gore – sounds cool really, maybe I should go download it!
So when Bloodborne: The Card Game was announced, I didn’t go nuts for it. Eric Lang as a designer was interesting though as usually his games are more “grandios” style behemoths with a ton of miniatures or plastic in some form or another. So a small card game seemed outside of his comfort zone. And Cool Mini or Not’s for that matter – not a single miniature in the box – mind blown!
What actually drew me to Bloodborne was the claim about it being a shortened version of Cutthroat Caverns, an entertaining semi co-op game I used to own where you battled monsters in a dungeon, but while screwing over other players at the same time. Essentially you played a giant game of kill-stealing and it was great fun, though very fiddly in places, a bit too long and chaotic as hell with too many players. I eventually sold that game to make room for others, but I wouldn’t say no to a shorter, more compact alternative. Does Bloodborne fit the bill?