Broken Meeple Videos - Charterstone (Solo) Review

THIS REVIEW IS IN TWO SECTIONS. THE FIRST IS SPOILER FREE. I WILL GIVE PLENTY OF WARNING WHEN IT GETS TO SECTION 2 WHICH IS SPOILER RIDDEN. 20:28 - Spoiler Review Legacy seems to be the go-to phrase now to get your game hyped beyond belief. However I'm not fooled. Not every game that puts that word on their cover is a masterpiece just by default. Stonemaier Games has had a variable track record - I'm not the biggest fan of Euphoria or Between Two Cities, but Scythe and Viticulture are in my Top Ten of all time. So a "build it yourself" Euro that you play 12 games of and create your own unique board? Ok that sounds pretty good, but did it live up to the hype?