Season 2 Episode 20 - Essen (And Women)

Just in time for all of you travelling to Essen 2017 where sadly I cannot join you. But rest assured I'll be there for Essen 2018 - I already have the hotel booked to prove it. Today I give my Top 10 Anticipated Games from Essen, but there's a couple of bonus segments as well.

Firstly I give my first impressions of Lisboa, the popular Vital Lacerda game - how did my first game go and what impact has it had?

Also in light of the recent controversy over the abuse that women are getting within the board gaming industry, I felt it was time to give me own little rant on the subject for the good of equal opportunities.

01:50 - Introduction
08:00 - Lisboa First Impressions
16:48 - Women In The Board Gaming World
21:40 - Top Ten Anticipated Essen Releases (A UK Perspective)