Broken Geek Chat - Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

Sorry it's been a while since a podcast episode, the whole Amsterdam thing was hard hitting for me and the Top 100 took a lot of time out of doing podcasts. And then the last 10 days have been non-stop social events and relative visits. Yeah well back to normal. I promise a podcast episode is coming this weekend, as in a full one, so I hope you enjoy that.

But for now, let's continue with the former "P-Logs" which I'm now calling "Broken Geek Chat" podcasts. These are where I get to talk about something other than board games for a change, usually TV or Movie related as I love going to the movies or watching cool shows. Well tonight I just got back from watching the sequel to Kingsman, which I enjoyed highly. Did this one entertain me as much as the original? Have a listen and find out!