Where Doom Awaits Review - Running Short On Ideas?

Yog Sotthoth is threatening to rear his ugly head......or face......or spheres.....whatever he/she/it is meant to be! It's horrific, put it that way. Can you stop the ritual from getting out of hand and what's going to be the location for your last stand in the end?

Keeping to the previous format, these pack reviews are based on the scenario itself as well as my pick of decent, ridiculous or amusing cards from the player set. If you ever want to see the full player card list, you can check out Arkham.db, which has a comprehensive card list as well as quality deck lists posted by the Arkham LCG community - highly recommended.

Designer: Kris Burm
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Age: 14+
Players: 2-4
Time: 60-90 Minutes
RRP: £11.99

From Fantasy Flight Games

Who could have ever guessed that your search for two missing professors would lead to this? The wind howls. Ritual magic vibrates through the air. And the world is ripping apart. Your time is running out. Your doom is fast approaching!
Even as it carries your investigations rapidly toward their climactic conclusion, the scenario from Where Doom Awaits dizzies your investigator with a distorted version of reality. The woods outside of Dunwich are changing. You'll find clearings strewn with blood and bodies, rivers frozen solid despite the temperate air, and paths that rip open, revealing chasms through the dimensions and other worlds elsewhere in the void…


Conveniently, the whole village has stayed indoors, which is probably a good thing when everything around you is warping like crazy. Your goal is to traverse Sentinel Hill and reach its peak, however you can't simply just walk up the main path. You have to wander around the diverging/altered path locations that are randomised each game, picking up clues to advance the Act forward. The locations are fairly similar in terms of clues, but each will cause you pain depending on whether you have actions left or zero actions left, so you can never really tell which you should aim for before heading over.

Enemies are pretty light for the most part except for the odd potential surprise based on your previous campaign notes. But of course the Encounter deck might have other ideas as I found out unfortunately. But a lot of those Willpower checks are going to be needed so bring your best Mystic along.

The Agenda deck doesn't really throw much at you though, being more of a long ticking timer than anything else. It was refreshing to see some previous campaign notes finally have some effect in the story. It makes for interesting reading, but sadly doesn't really amount to much in terms of in-game help making some prior successes feel a little wasted. I went out of my way to save you before and all I get is one stinking clue token? Almost feels like a T-Shirt slogan. . .

And I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but a pet peeve is where the setup forces you to put more Chaos tokens in the bag as a difficulty modifier. It works mechanically although why it bothers to differ based on your difficulty mode chosen I don't know. On standard mode it's a -5 and it's an additional -1 the higher you go. How often do you succeed on a check when you pull out a -5 let alone a -7? It might as well be "automatical failure" as just making a check is hard enough to do given that the values for some monsters in the Encounter deck are pretty high.

The ending narrative however makes me keen for the final pack - I won't spoil, but let's just say the designers could throw some very interesting imagery at us.


I've Had Worse

Wow, Guardians got some juicy stuff this time around. Leadership is a great team-work skill card, but my choice pick goes to I've Had Worse. Some monsters can deal 3-4 damage easily and being able to simply go "negate all, I'll take X resources please" is a nice insult to the Elder Ones. It's not the cheapest to acquire in terms of XP though so don't expect to load up on these in a deck, but it's a great saviour card and if you're mowing down monsters with ease, then I'll take the 2 Willpower icons it has instead as they're always handy.

Moonlight Ritual

There's only a few cards in Mystic that add doom to them for effects, but they're some good ones. Alyssa's scrying ability, the Initiates "on-play" doom token (note that he can find this card from the deck as it's a Spell) and best of all, the Blood Pact. I like the idea of being able to spam the effects of Blood Pact while mitigating the on-going cost of Doom tokens. Of course can you afford to fill your deck up with this before you actually acquire the cards from XP?

Ace In The Hole

Get an extra turn for free? I'll buy that for a dollar! Well, 3XP anyway. Don't let this card go to waste. I know some will want to play it the first chance they get, but save it. Save it for that one time when the Encounter deck just wants to screw you over at the worst possible time and then get 6 actions to bail yourself out. Perfect for solo play when you quickly realise that 3 actions won't always be enough to get you out of a tight situation.


Hmmm, I'm getting a little concerned that we're seeing essentially a repeat of various styles of scenarios here. This is another example of going round a bunch of locations that vary each game, grabbing the only clue that's there and then reaching a final location. The story elements are still strong, but I'm waiting for those scenarios like the Essex County Express or both from the Dunwich Deluxe expansion to wow me again.

The scenario itself is relatively easy, at least in solo mode. You've got a lot of time to find the path you need and continue on and even though there is an auto-lose resolution for the campaign, it's unlikely to happen. Having enemies constantly spawn out of the deck because of bad luck though started to grate and reminded me that playing this game in solo mode is tricky unless you make a combat munchkin character. Next campaign I think I'll try two-handed play - one combat, one clue-seeker - and see how that goes.

The player cards though are pretty sweet though and finally it's Seeker that take's a back seat to allow the other factions to get some nice additions. Only one more pack for this cycle and given what happens at the end here, it could shape up to be a good one, but I'm concerned if we're going to repeat the same issue that the last scenario from the core set had.......one giant unstoppable boss to fight.........