Season 2 Episode 10 - STABCON

Well Stabcon was another success in early April, but maybe some of you haven't heard of it - well here's a chance to find out more. How did it go, what is it all about, when's the next one and what games, both old and new, did I get to play?

01:02 - Introduction & POBCON 2017 Announcement
05:55 - StabCon and BoardGameExtras
11:03 - Churchill: A Struggle for Peace
19:59 - Article 27
25:22 - Shogun Big Box
34:40 - Caverna Cave Strategy & Crisis
43:37 - Conclusion

Many of the games available to play from the standard library and that's not including what Coffee & Dice bring.

 Article 27

 Coffee & Dice run a lot of big group social games - but no Deception, why not?


 King of Tokyo

 7 Wonders Duel

 Mission Red Planet

 Our friends at Board Game Extras - check out their website for a great selection of games and accessories.



Churchill: A Struggle For Peace