Arkham Horror LCG - Blood On The Altar - I Now Hate Owls

Well after yet another hurrendous train journey (seriously when is a train journey ever good, I hate trains) we get a nice kip in Dunwich - except when we wake up the next morning, people have gone missing and there's a disturbing amount of owls in the trees giving off vibes of impending death. Clearly something is coming and we'd best find those missing people quick!

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Designer: Nate French, Matt Newman
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Age: 14+
Players: 2-4
Time: 60-90 Minutes
RRP: £11.99

Description from the publisher:
Blood on the Altar is the third Mythos Pack in The Dunwich Legacy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.
In the scenario from Blood on the Altar, your investigations lead you to the village of Dunwich, where you suspect a series of recent disappearances may be related to the events in Arkham. But the more you explore, the more you get the impression the townsfolk aren't exactly pleased to see you. There are secrets in this town that its inhabitants don't wish to share…


This scenario reminded me a little too much of the second scenario from the original Core Set. Here's a bunch of locations, have a look around until you find what you need. That's essentially the crux of it, however you do get a much more epic ending than that one did and there are multiple copies of every location to add to replay value. One even gets removed entirely from the game. Now other scenarios have done similar like the Miskatonic University from the Dunwich Deluxe set, but that had some cool story plot twists and choices to make, this one felt much more linear. The only main tweak here is that you have "buried" Mythos deck cards in the locations that spring up when you empty a location of clues. So you can get some unexpected surprises to contend with.

It also had a bit of a difficulty spike leading up to that final location. The whole scenario is basically a ticking timer with diminishing returns if you succeed later. But i don't think many players will be hard pressed for time so it's relatively standard for most of the time. Then you get to the final location and all of a sudden it throws a sledgehammer at you, but unlike that last Core set scenario, it's a sledgehammer you can lift with the right setup.

To make up for the Essex County Express, there's a lot more story branches leaving this scenario depending on what you do in that final location. You've got 3 ways the scenario can end and one of those requires you to have a specific item out in advance already that you wouldn't expect - that was really cool. I chose the easy way out given my situation was basically "do or die" in that round, but I had the right tools and was playing solo - I can tell that multiple investigators wouldn't achieve that resolution quite so easily. You also have the potential to acquire some new allies depending on how well you did, but you may want to invest in some Charisma afterwards particularly if playing solo.


Rise To The Occasion

This card is likely to generate some quality cinematic moments during a scenario. You're still at a risk going into a skill check as you'll only have a +1 lead at this point, but it's a big swing between total failure and "there's always a chance". Probably not going to see much play other than dedicated Survivor decks I reckon though simply due to space, but it's highly flexible with 3 "?" symbols on it

Blood Pact

Ooooo don't you just love the temptation of signing up to a Blood Pact in every game of Arkham/Eldritch Horror you've ever played? You'll be warned constantly that it's a horribly bad thing to do, but you'll do it anyway because you want to live on the edge. Well this perfectly represents that level of reward vs fear. +3 to the two most important skills (in my mind) is huge and being Permanent you get it from the word "go" as well. But adding a doom every time. . . . there's your fear. How ahead of the Agenda deck are you? Do you risk triggering some horrible story event or accelerating your demise to pass that skill? Just one doom?

Prepared for the Worst

How many times has my Jenny been wandering where her Machete or Twin Shooters are? Sadly I've no room to include this myself in my current campaign solo deck, but no self-respecting Guardian should be caught without their signature weapon. And with some devastating weapons on the horizon for the big baddies (Lightning Gun anyone?) any kind of tutoring would certainly help a lot. Remember we don't have a lot of tutoring yet in this game period. You could combine this with Flare from the other pack and have a means of finding your main weapon and your main ally.


This one was a fairly average scenario and quite a quick one at that. It's another one of those "search a bunch of locations and find what you need" style scenarios, but with a bit of extra hindrance from the Mythos deck. The main highlight is when you get to the end and the potential story resolutions that can arise depending on your setup and your chosen solution.

The cards in this set as well are not the best I've seen. Some useful permanent cards, but nothing that stands out as truly awesome in my book. It does however give some hints that it's about to hit the fan in later packs so here's hoping for a thrilling climax.