Mystic Vale: Vale of Magic Guest Review - Too Little For Too Much?

Mystic Vale may have been the most innovative game to be released in 2016. However despite this it still had some small issues, the key one being a lack of variety in the cards. It was evident immediately though that more cards would be released in expansion form, but to have one released so quickly afterwards it makes you wonder why it wasn’t just in the base game to begin with. I kid you not, this got released in the summer and the expansion came less than 2-3 months later.
It’s not like this is the only time that’s ever happened though, publishers have to make money at the end of the day like the rest of us. And to be fair we still buy them anyway so who’s the bigger fool? But whenever you want more variety, it’s good to receive expansions that help with that. But does Vale of Magic change anything else?