Marvel Legendary: Deadpool Review - Going Too Far!

Right, straight up, I'm not going to lie, when it comes to the chart of who I love in the Marvel universe, you've got Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, all the classics up the top. Then you've got some of the human characters like Professor X, Black Widow and Agent Coulson, who to be honest are more up there because I find their movie/TV counterparts so cool from the actors playing them. I'm a big Marvel fan though, I love a ton of the roster, but also remember I have not read the comics.

But Deadpool is pretty low down on the list for me. Keep those pitchforks down please, but I don't find him that interesting. Now granted, I enjoyed the recent film for the most part, it was a good laugh with perfect casting. But its goofy style just feels out of place for Marvel, though thankfully he's not part of the official MCU. That's just my personal opinion though, perhaps I'm more inclined to the "traditional" style of superheroes, who knows? I know a lot of Deadpool fans and to be honest as long as everyone has a superhero they love and adore whether it's Marvel or DC, I'm happy, you know me I love superheroes period.

So with Legendary Marvel now getting a Deadpool mini expansion I must admit, I'm not as excited to delve in as with say Guardians of the Galaxy or Spiderman, but I'm sure it will probably work fine and just be a theme issue. . . . also who was asking for a Marvel Noir pack and why has there still not being a Defenders expansion? And where's Agent Coulson as a hero, oooh maybe an Agents of SHIELD pack, come on Upper Deck!

Designer: Devin Low
Publisher: Upper Deck
Age: 8+
Players: 1-5
Time: 60-90 minutes
RRP: £19.99

From Board Game Geek:

Five new heroes! Four new schemes! Two new villain groups! Two new masterminds! One insanely fun expansion!
The Merc with a Mouth brings his charming personality, as well as a few friends, to the Legendary universe with Legendary: Deadpool, a 100-card, small box expansion that allows you to play with — and against — other players to defeat the nefarious threats aligned against Deadpool!

One For The Fans

One thing you're going to notice immediately (other than the usual average artwork) is that this set is deliberately poking fun at itself. You know those sets in some CCG's where they're basically a joke set not to be taken seriously, such as the title of this review from Magic The Gathering? Well that's what this feels like and as such I feel it's going to be solely one for Deadpool fans.

Firstly you've got "half" values all over the place, which you add up as normal, but become quickly irritating. The flavour text is certainly more entertaining to read as it's all the typical fourth-wall breaking nonsense that Deadpool is known for. Even the rulebook is written from Deadpool's perspective so don't expect a standard approach to learning the game. Now if you love all this stuff, you're already on a good start to enjoying this expansion. If you don't, I'd start getting concerned at this point.

Did I Just Jump Into Another Cartoon Series?

The heroes are not in themselves bad though. Deadpool himself is pretty powerful and his friends and even Bob are pretty solid also. Deadpool can give you some pretty powerful effects, but they're based on weird things like the time of day and the flavour text. And he really loves those weird "halves" on the cards, which you add up as normal, but they got on my nerves a bit. Not to mention if you use them on their own alongside older heroes then the halves tend to get wasted a lot.

Bob, Agent of HYDRA is up there alongside Nick Fury as a hero who loves the little guys. He's based around card draw and making good use of HYDRA and SHIELD heroes to your benefit. Other than that he's pretty straight forward in how he operates, but put him with Black Widow and Nick Fury and it's quite a cool combo if somewhat odd. Not sure what Captain America would think of him though . . .

Slapstick has one card with a strange effect of comparing people's heights, but otherwise, he's all about the new Excessive Violence keyword which gives you a bonus if you have "excess" fight value when taking out a villain. Certainly fits the style of this expansion and it makes him easy to use. Just build up the fight value and go nuts! But I can't get over his look, he looks like something I would expect to see in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Give him a large wooden mallet and some cookey sound effects and you're away.

Stingray is more of a jack of all trades, but has less conditional card draw than Bob so he's not bad if you just want a traditional engine builder. But he's also not overly exciting to use and feels like the most generic of the set. And Solo sure does like his halves! But what gets my goat about a lot of these cards is the silliness of the abilities. Look at the one on Bob above. Asking Yes/No questions about a players card? Everytime I use one of these abilities the immersion takes a substantial hit for me.

Who's Going To Pay Our Medical Bill?

The schemes are a good challenge, even if they are a tad ridiculous in their naming and operation. Deadpool Writes a Scheme is just pure nonsense where each twist inflicts some random effect. The others introduce unique and legit challenges such as a quick time clock and an emphasis on protecting bystanders, but when you name the schemes "Deadpool Wants a Chimichanga" or "Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe", it's really weird.

The villain groups are just as weird as the heroes, but the new "Revenge For" keyword amps up the difficulty evenly throughout the game. It's difficult for me to take Macho Gomez seriously as a Mastermind, but using the Master Strikes as "bounties" is pretty cool where you can trade them between players for recruit points. Yes you take wounds when new ones are revealed, but last time I checked, Wolverine can deal with those and Hulk has an interesting time with them. Evil Deadpool (really, how original!) was actually more difficult than expected, hope you like wounds!


There was only one expansion in the past of Marvel Legendary that I didn't add to my collection and that was because I knew nothing about the source material or characters involved. Other sets have occasionally had this issue, but some familiarity or personal interest has kept them in. Unfortunately for me Deadpool doesn't offer enough for me to want to hang on to it.

It feels very out of place for Legendary. All the "half" values and the odd humour and abilities feel like a disconnect, but then I'm not a big Deadpool fan. That does not make this a bad expansion though. The heroes are pretty powerful and the villains/schemes offer up some unique challenges, so mechanically it works fine and I can see the potential for one who is knowlegable in the Deadpool lore to really get invested here and be able to follow it. But I will say that unlike the majority of Marvel Legendary sets it's a very "niche" expansion, one solely reserved for Deadpool fans and sadly I'm not one of those people.

BROKEN RATING - 5 Fourth Wall Breaks (OI!! 5?! He just doesn't understand how great I am! Those of you who are educated in my awesomeness can at least give this an 8!!)

If you are interested in this game you can find a copy at your friendly local gaming store -


You are a fan of Deadpool, which goes beyond simply the recent movie.

You want to add a little bit of humour to the card pool.

You're a fanatic and at all costs you'll add every card you see to the box!


You know very little about Deadpool - the references and characters will make no sense.

The odd humour in this set feels out of place in your collection.

Those "half" values drive you up the wall.