In The Name Of Odin Review - Euro Game: Viking Edition

Numerous games have come out in the past where you’re tricked by the front cover of a box in terms of what type of game is within. Now it’s up to publishers to print an enticing box cover to draw people to the product, but at the same time you don’t want to get burned on a game because it isn’t what you expected. The best example of this I can think of in recent years is Hyperborea (see my review here). The game is great and that box cover is superb, but how many threads did you read online where people complained that they were expecting an epic, heavily thematic fighting game and instead got a solid, yet dry bag-building Euro?
In The Name of Odin starts off with a nice looking box cover about Vikings – which seem to be the hot theme to have these days. However this theme above all others has been renowned for not having the most thematic game behind it. Some gamers may recall the old “Vikings” game where you essentially bought tiles off a Rondel mechanic and built up various rows on a board for victory points. Yeah, OK, that’s fun, but not overly exciting. An even worse offender was an old game called Beowulf: The Legend with this awesome picture of a Viking dueling a red dragon on the cover. And what was it about? You were essentially a squire and used auction mechanics with card play. . . . .FAIL!
So will this be a repeat of previous misinterpretations? Or regardless will In The Name of Odin be a good game in general?

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