Hey everyone!

Just a heads up - of course as you know Essen 2016 is right around the bend and I fly out on Wednesday evening returning on Sunday evening. Up until then I'm completely taken up with house move tasks and Essen planning. If Three Mobile keep their promise about "Feel At Home" roaming and I can get a good signal in Germany, then I'll try to post updates on my Facebook and Twitter feed as the convention goes on.

Of course until I return, reviews are on hold, but there's plenty on the pile to get done so content is coming! Catch you all upon my return and hopefully I'll be seeing some of you there! Check me out at the Dice Tower booth (further details on my last podcast episode) or wandering around the convention. Come and say Hi, even if it's just a quick fist bump when you're in a hurry!

Take care! See you soon!