AireCon 2016 - Five Games We Hate But Everyone Else Loves - Panel Podcast

Whilst at AireCon, a few of us UK podcasters took part in our first media panel with........not a ton of people in attendance, but who cares, it was a whole lot of fun. We discussed Five Games I Hate But Everyone Else Loves, and by that I mean, we each took 5 games, not just focused on my games, oh whatever you know what I mean! Although one of us decided to pull a Sam Healey on us and do things somewhat differently with his list. . . .

In attendance was Rob from the Cult of the New Podcast, Jay from Breacher18, myself of course, Mark Cooke who hosted AireCon and of course the Polyhedon Collider crew (I can tell I'm knackered, I misspelled that 3 times).

I enjoyed it a ton and would and will gladly do more in the future. The actual podcast is hosted on Polyhedon's website at or you can sign up to their RSS feed to get it that way. Sadly I don't have the file to host it on my own site, but go check them out, they're a fun bunch to game with!

The audio quality is ...............hit and miss, but in our defence, it was our first panel, there were a lot of us, we'd never attempted something like this before and we had to kind of "wing" it. I hope you enjoy and I hope we didn't speak about too many games you love. On that note remember that this is only IN OUR HUMBLE OPINION!! If we mention a game we hate that you love, then don't worry, continue enjoying that game, it's all just an opinion and we banter a lot in jest. . . . . . . well I think it's jest, I get a lot of abuse for being more passionate so apologies if my voice dominates the recording!

Oh and a certain game I adore gets a mention from our AireCon host at 46:00 onwards. . . . . . he is of course on this occasion. . . . . WRONG! But where else do you get to shout out "VETO!!!!" on a podcast panel!? Ha ha!

Hope you enjoy it!

A quick note of warning, the original intention was that this could be hosted on the Dice Tower and would be family friendly. Sadly I think only 2-3 of us, myself included managed to stick to that notion and I wasn't exactly in control so I apologise for that. The occasional swear word and innuendo may be mentioned from time to time.