Twilight Squabble Guest Review - With Great Power Comes No Responsibility!

Twilight Struggle for a long time was the highest ranking game on Board Game Geek. It held the #1 spot for many years and to be honest, I never understood why. I'm not saying it's a bad game at all. The design is fine, the game play is tight (although far too long), the components are a little bland, but the theme is reasonably strong. Although this is only if you have any knowledge about the Cold War to begin with for which I know nothing that doesn't come straight out of a James Bond movie (yeah History isn't my strongest subject), so for me it might as well be an abstract game of Tug Of War.
Well now, completely out of no-where we've got Twilight Squabble, essentially taking the Tug Of War aspect and condensing it down to a 10-15 minute game using only a small deck of cards. It still uses the Cold War theme, but plays in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the price.
However does down-sizing from a struggle to a squabble come at too high a price in other areas or does it hold on its own?  Well AEG do seem to be the king of the micro-game category these days so already we've got a strong pedigree and I can never listen to anyone talk about history within ten minutes without my eyes glazing over, so it might just work.
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