Isle of Skye Guest Review – The Kennerspiel Carcassonne Killer?

In a previous review on the GamesQuest blog I talked about the Spiel Des Jahres, one of the most prominent board game awards you can get in the industry. The same people who issue that award also have the Kennerspiel Des Jahres which focuses more on games that require an extra element of strategy. Now this doesn’t mean that any game nominated can’t also be considered a family weight or gateway level game, but typically they tend to be more for seasoned gamers.
Isle of Skye has been around for the last year, but for me, was never really seen on the gaming table. It looked nice on appearance, but I glossed over it when passing by. Then I saw it win the UK Games Expo 2016 award out of nowhere, which was the first shock to the system, but then before I knew it Isle of Skye had knocked down strong contenders like Pandemic Legacy and Time Stories to take the Kennerspiel award as well. Two awards in two months just out of the blue.
Comments on the grapevine said that Isle of Skye was a very simple game, yet contained a level of depth and interaction that at first glance is invisible to the naked eye and thus was better than its name and marketing would have you believe.
Well any of my followers will know that gateway games are something I try to focus on where possible and so with these comments and the awards to go with it, I couldn’t sit on the wayside, I had to investigate this further and see what was the big deal. Annoyingly I couldn’t actually go to the Isle of Skye itself and do the review there, budget restrictions and all that, but I guess Portsmouth will suffice (seriously the Isle looks breathtaking, I really want to go there).

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