City of Iron 2nd Ed. Review – Discover Something Different!

I’m still impressed by how Ryan Laukat manages to not only design his own games, but also publish them and illustrate them himself. That’s a tremendous amount of work to put into a game by yourself. Now granted this method has its pros and cons. You don’t get the mis-match between theme, mechanics and art that some games will have, but on the flip side, you run a greater risk of mistakes or issues arising in the final production.
City of Iron , the original, was received well by reviewers, but didn’t take off with all the buzz and there were reported issues with it. Now we’ve got a new edition of City of Iron and having not originally played it before, I’m coming in with a fresh outlook into one of Ryan’s earlier ventures. Is this new edition a complete experience that doesn’t require any more tweaking or reboots?

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