Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game Review - Me Sad No Jutsu!

There's only one anime show that I currently watch and that's Naruto Shippuden. I've watched the old classics like Dragonball Z, Trigun, Hellsing and even the original Naruto series in full, but right now, I've only got the time for Naruto Shippuden and it doesn't seem to want to ever end (seriously can we stop it with the filler episodes please?). I love the ninja setting, I love the variety of characters and I especially love the music.
However Anime's don't often translate well into board games. Naruto's first outing in the UK was the recently released deck-building game, which hasn't had a great deal of buzz. Other board games using an Anime license are practically unheard of or worse, never spoken of in gamer conversation, and so they are generally restricted to the video game market.
Here we have another attempt to break this trend with the official Naruto Shippuden: The Board Game, published by Yoka Board Games. I had no idea this was in the pipeline until I saw its release and at first glance I could certainly see that it was going to stay true to the series, but will it be just another licensed game that gets forgotten?
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