Android Mainframe Review – Abstracted Cybercrime

New guest post on Games Quest, check out my review of Android Mainframe, the new Netrunner based abstract game from Fantasy Flight.

Android Mainframe is set in the futuristic dystopian Android universe (think Blade Runner crossed with 1984) and unless I’m mistaken, this the fourth game in this setting. There was the complex Android, the not so popular Android: Infiltration and the amazing Living Card Game (if I do say so myselfAndroid: Netrunner all released by Fantasy Flight Games. One thing all of those games have in common is the strong theme. It’s such a vibrant universe, one that would actually suit a big screen in my opinion.
However there is a phrase used among gamers known as “pasted on theme”, which is the term used when a theme attached to a game is so light or so out of place that you could literally remove it entirely or replace it with another, and the game mechanics wouldn’t be affected. It doesn’t a bad game make, but it does raise a concern with me when I see it as it feels like a bait and switch (i.e. draw you in and reveal something different). Knowing in advance that Android Mainframe is advertised as an abstract game, this means it’s going to have to rely on something other than its theme to impress me.