Board Game Babble - Live Appearance 06.09.15

Last Sunday I was kindly invited to a live stream broadcast of Board Game Babble, which is hosted by Barry Doublet and Kevin Burkhardsmeier on YouTube and also sent out as an audio-only podcast some time later.

I've recorded my own podcast and I've sent in segments for Dice Tower Audio and I used to appear on the Dice Tower Showdown before it became too much of a chore to stay up till 3am in the morning to record given the colossal time zone differences! But live streaming, this is a first and so I was a little nervous but I don't think that comes out on the video thankfully.

It was incredible fun to do and it was such a nice change to be able to banter with others about board games rather than just talk by myself. Maybe in the future after moving house I can get back into doing my own videos again as it would be nice to get others involved, but for now I'm more than happy to guest star on other podcasts and video shows and would return to do this one again in a heartbeat. Barry Doublet has his own channel and has featured on The Dice Tower in the past and Kevin is responsible for the highly entertaining Board Game Theater segment on Dice Tower's Board Game Breakfast. Both are funny and passionate about games new and old so this was a joy for me.

Here is the video stream for the episode - soon there will be an edited audio podcast episode to go with it which I'll post up when I'm aware of its release. The audio quality is a little sketchy at times from Barry, unfortunately such things are commonplace with live streaming sometimes.  Hope you enjoy!

On a side note - this marks my 200th post!!