A Knizia Game That I Enjoy? – Tigris And Euphrates Review

Well this is something you don’t see on my review list every day. An abstract game and not only that, but one designed by Reina Knizia, who as much as I respect for being a long running legend in the board gaming world, hasn’t usually sat well with me due to his usual style of putting theme on the back bench in place of mechanics. Much like Stefan Feld although he tends to stick solely to your stereotypical Euro style game and has his own trait of “point salad” associated with his work.
But contrary to evidence, I do actually enjoy abstract games from time to time. I was a long running Chess champion in my primary school years and during secondary school I played for Taunton in a local league. Loved the game and enjoyed every difficult challenge I faced. It’s been many, many years since I picked up a chess board so that’s probably a thing of the past now, but who knows? Some skills you don’t easily forget! And many abstract games these days are doing well and have simple, yet engaging designs. Pentago and The Duke are great examples, Hexagony did well at the UK Games Expo this year and other games that are considered abstract such as Through The Desert still rank highly on the BGG listings.
Tigris And Euphrates is a game I heard spoken only in foreshadowing whispers like something from a Lord of the Rings trailer. Highly ranked and highly popular among older Euro fans, it was inevitable that this would get a re-print, but by Fantasy Flight Games of all people, that was unexpected! An odd pairing of designer and publisher, but I felt this was the perfect time to find out for myself whether this deserved its ranking on BGG or whether it was another over-rated oldie?

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