Meanwhile. . . at the Legion of Doom! - Justice League Dice Masters Review

When it comes to movies and games, Superheroes are one of my biggest likes for a theme. My favourite game, Sentinels of the Multiverse is a pure superhero co-op and I watch nearly all of the superhero movies that come out, both from Marvel and DC alike. That being said, I’m definitely more of a Marvel fan boy, I like the characters more, the teams work better and when it comes to the movies, Marvel puts out better stories. No flame wars please, this is just my opinion, but you got to admit, DC movies have been suffering a bit in recent years with the odd exception. The Dark Knight Rises I swear has more plot holes than there are minutes in the movie!
Marvel Legendary is another co-op I really enjoy, again because I get to play with all my Marvel greats in one game. However, the theme in that game can sometimes feel a little abstracted with the deck-building mechanic, especially when other players are buying heroes that you’re also using. And when it comes to theme, the less said about the DC Deck Building Game the better.
Custom dice are also a big hit for me in games, giving you that cool tactile response as well as something pretty to look at and hold. So now we have a combination of both, with superheroes and custom dice galore in a quick 2 player game. Other non-superhero sets exist, and even though the focus here is on Justice League, I will be covering Dice Masters as a whole as well.

NB: - this review was written BEFORE I did my other two reviews on the Dungeons and Dragons and YuGiOh Dice Master starter sets and plus this was a guest blog review and so the format of this review is different to my previous ones. I don't control their timing with publishing dates unfortunately! :-)
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