Dice - Portsmouths First Board Gaming Cafe - Final Hours of Kickstarter!!

Over the past couple of months I've been volunteering and assisting with some new friends of mine who are in the process of attempting to open a new board game cafe in Southsea, Portsmouth. Basically it's a popular craze in the USA where by establishments are set up not only to provide the usual cafe style food and drink, but also to stock a library of board games that families can enjoy while they eat. These allow parents to cheaply introduce their kids to the world of modern board games while getting some enjoyment out of it themselves. Of course, anyone can visit these places, not just families, but the idea is that such a place caters to everyone of all ages and provides a genuinely useful addition to the local community.

They are currently in the final 35 hours of their Kickstarter project (a platform used to raise funds) and I've already pledged a significant amount myself.

If you want to find out more, you can visit their Kickstarter page which explains everything at:


Think of it like a charity donation. If you live in the Portsmouth area and are a family person, something like this might appeal to you. If not, then fair enough, but you can give as little as a fiver to support it and every bit helps. It's already raised nearly £9,500 and their target is £11,000. With 35 hours to go it's everything to play for and they are so close. If the project doesn't fund you don't even pay a penny, you only pay if the project succeeds so there's no risk involved at all. If this funds, it's going to happen and I'll be there helping them out at every stage.