Balance Your Cheque Book In Space! – Periorbis Preview!

Well this is a first. A preview of an unreleased game. Certainly I’m not known for doing these, but on this one occasion (and who knows, the odd extra one now and again) I’m going to write about a forthcoming game from Perihelion Games called Periorbis otherwise known as Asteroid Miner.
This was completely new to me when I was first given a copy, I didn’t know this game existed beforehand. I did some research to find out more and generally I noticed it was getting a lot of positive buzz. However one phrase in particular stood out in a Rahdo review and I think it’s been used in others as well that gave me cause for concern. It was described as “Power Grid in Space” – cue the Dun Dun Dun music!
Anybody who has paid attention to my podcast or knows me from game groups will of course be fully aware that Power Grid is one of my most hated games of all time coming in at No 6 on my recent Top Ten Hated list from Episode 29. So to hear that phrase mentioned I will confess did fill me with a sense of foreboding and dread. Please don’t let this be some space auction game with dodgy turn order mechanics, please, please, please!!
However further inspection suggested that there’s more to Periorbis than meets the eye. Integrity and objectivity is what it’s all about so let’s dive in and see whether my initial fears were justified.

Check out the full guest preview on Games Quest here: