This Strain Is Starting To Lose It's Impact - Pandemic State of Emergency Review

We’re back to milking the cash cow again! Pandemic took a little break for a while but with Pandemic Legacy on the horizon and now State of Emergency here Matt Leacock is certainly not letting it fall out of your subconscious any time soon.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of Pandemic, I’ll make that clear now and if you’ve seen my previous review (click here to check it out) of the game then you already knew that, but I still own it as it does scratch that puzzle itch and it can’t be argued that it’s a great gateway game for new players. Hell it worked on my non-gamer ex-girlfriend so it has to be doing something right!
Two expansions have already come out for this game; those being On the Brink and In the Lab. The first added lots of little extra modules to the game whereas the latter was more about one big game-changing module, yet both were very solid expansions for me, adding in a lot of new variety and even some theme to what is otherwise a fairly abstract game. For those not familiar with the term “game-changing” this would be a new element that completely changes the way the game plays and feels whether for better or worst. In The Lab for example introduced an entire new board where you actually felt like you were performing laboratory tasks to cure the virus, something which completely alters the way the game plays.
So with State of Emergency we have a few extra modules but at first glance this seems smaller in scope than previous additions. Is this another must-have remedy for your bursting box or are the cures losing their potency?

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