Wizardry At Its Best - Argent: The Consortium Review

Level 99 Games seems to have a thing about making games with so much variety it burns your brain cells trying to comprehend all the options available to you. Pixel Tactics was my first introduction to their line-up and a good one too, but man does your brain fry when you try to comprehend all the options on your turn and then think about all the different ways the game could go depending on what setup you used or how you arranged your characters.
Well, reviews I watched of Argent: The Consortium suggested to me that I would have an even worse case of smoking brain with the variety and options here, however I don’t class this as a bad thing in games. Paths to victory and plenty of options are two of my favourite characteristics in games, if a game feels scripted or linear, it’s not as good for me. I want the ability to do what I want, when I want and that way if I lose the game, I only have myself to blame, but I’ll feel happy that I’ve tried something new.
Of course one problem with games like this is the ability to teach them to other players. Anyone other than a hard-core heavy gamer will likely get bogged down in the options and Analysis Paralysis and frustration can set in. So will this one be any different? Well hop on board the Hogwarts Express and strap yourself in because this may take a while…

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