See You At The UK Games Expo!

As you know, content has been non existent since my Marvel Legendary Villains review, well don't worry, more classic reviews are in the pipeline, but I've been busy with not only visiting my long distance girlfriend in Glasgow, but also preparing for the UK Games Expo which starts tomorrow, although technically they have some games going tonight.

I will be attending the Expo from Thursday late afternoon all the way through to Sunday evening and will be staying at the Hilton itself. I am featuring on Go Halves On Games Twitter Bingo card and I hope to attend a couple of interviews as well. But of course I want to buy, sell and play a ton of games with all of you great people out there!

You'll find me either in a blue polo shirt, a Broken Meeple T-shirt or a GamesQuest T-shirt during the event most likely. I hope to see some of you there! And naturally I'll do a write up of the event or a podcast special shortly after.

Take care!!