I Will Never Be Good And That's Not Bad! - Marvel Legendary Villains Review

Who doesn’t like superheroes? Ok, that’s a sweeping statement, they’re not for everyone, but the geeky kid in me adores them. Since my childhood, I’ve enjoyed many superhero cartoon shows and the occasional comic. In fact, I’d say Spiderman is probably my favourite at the moment. I definitely prefer Marvel to DC (uh oh flame wars!) but these days I highly enjoy every single blockbuster movie that comes out with superheroes in it. I’m still foaming at the mouth from watching Age of Ultron recently.
Naturally, board games have appeared that are strongly superhero-based. In fact, you probably already know that my favourite game is actually Sentinels of the Multiverse - a comic book superhero Co-Op that includes characters that parody mainstream superheroes. There’s also Marvel Legendary which has been a huge hit and sticks solely to the Marvel heroes. It also, now, has many expansions and is naturally also in my collection.
Typically these games are about the heroes’ and their fight against the villains. But, with Marvel Legendary: Villains that’s been turned on its head. Now you can take control of the villains and lay the smack down on a legendary hero like Nick Fury or Dr Strange. Certainly appealing to the geek generation here, but at first glance it looks identical to its predecessor and boasts a lot of potential about mixing up the cards. But, whether you already own Marvel Legendary, or not,  is Villains worth the high price tag?

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