Board Game Bling - Daedalus Productions - Caverna: The Cave Farmers Insert Review

You want to see wooden tokens and tiles spilling out of your ears, play this game! The sequel to Agricola has so much real estate in that gigantic box it’s insane! With the amount of table space the game uses up and the sheer plethora of components, it’s no wonder that many have designed their own insert for this game already.

Daedalus has gone for simplicity (and for some reason a change of wood) with this design sticking to the standard rectangular trays with compartments for the various bits. There’s not much to say about this particular tray so this could well be my shortest article ever!

Out The Bag

This is the easiest insert to assemble of the entire lot bar none. It’s trays with rectangular compartments, all straight edges, no fiddly tiny bits, no fancy tricks, just plain, pure and simple. There’s little to no reason to buy the fully assembled version unless you really don’t have the time or have money to burn.

Putting this one together was a breeze although I did suffer delays from one piece being missing when I opened up the contents of the bag. And with these inserts, one piece missing is critical to the whole design. Thankfully and kudos to Daedalus, all it took was a quick Twitter message to get a replacement sent promptly in the post for score one for customer service. 

One thing potentially hurts it however. The Broken Token also do an insert for Caverna and it’s very similar to this design. The two differences are that this one uses two trays so that you can spread out the basic resources, but the Broken Token stick with one giant tray for a “central” position. And their insert doesn’t require glue to assemble.

In The Box

The trays sit on top of each other neatly and without issues, but what do you expect from 3 rectangular trays at the end of the day. The lid doesn’t close completely flush with the box once you put the boards and books in, but it’s an improvement over my previous attempts to bag and box everything up before. And I actually have two players worth of components in my “spares” storage basket to boot (because you have to be crazy or have a giant table and tonnes of spare time to play Caverna with more than 5 players). So for me, the lid actually closes flush because there are less boards in my copy. 

On The Table

The insert isn’t really about looks as it’s a basic layout, but if you compare having all those components in separate boxes and bags all over the place with just two trays (or even just one depending on player count) of organised pieces, it certainly does make the layout look a lot neater. You'll need extra tokens to fill up both trays fully though so you may end up spreading them out if you use both at once.

However recent plays have noticed issues with side pieces coming off because the glue hasn’t kept its hold. Now this could be due to the type of wood being used or more than likely it’s my rubbish super glue I used. I therefore strongly recommend you find the best possible super glue imaginable for this insert to be on the safe side………and maybe wear some industrial proof gloves while using it.


This insert is great for finally getting everything in Caverna to fit inside the box! It’s nothing stylish at all compared to the likes of the Dice Master crate etc. it’s essentially a bunch of trays with compartments for everything and very cheap also. But this game needs an insert like this to cut the setup time down and minimise the use of the table space.

The similarities to The Broken Token’s insert can’t be ignored though and because both are easy to assemble, it’s going to essentially boil down to which setup you prefer during the game. One big giant tray of tokens vs two smaller trays with resources spread out. Your choice!