These Aren't The Chickens You're Looking For! - Sheriff of Nottingham Review

Back in early 2014 the Dice Tower team put on a 24 hour marathon of board gaming for our viewing pleasure, and a good laugh it was too. One of the highlights for me was an old game called Robin Hood. It was a game of pure bluffing, lying and deception that resulted in one of the funniest gaming events I’d ever watched with roleplaying, laughter and arguing in spades. Unfortunately, it was written in Portuguese and it was impossible to find a copy of this game anywhere… Until now!
Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower has recently started a new line of games called Dice Tower Essentials where he seeks to bring back old games that he considers absolute gems in the hobby. Sheriff of Nottingham is the first game to feature in this new line and it’s a full re-skin of the original Robin Hood with rule tweaks and an improvement in component quality.
When I first heard of this, I was on a whole new level of excitement. Sheriff of Nottingham has the potential to fit exactly where I like in the realm of bluffing and negotiation games and if you listen to my show and read my reviews, you’ll know that this is a genre that I’m a big fan of. Annoyingly due to distractions I missed the first print run and have had to wait until 2015 to get my copy! But now that I have it, has it been worth the wait? Or will this join the pile of games that failed to live up to the hype in 2014?

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