We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night! - 7 Days of Westerplatte Review

Ahhhhh, co-ops how I love them! No kidding I really do and if you’ve kept up with my podcast and other reviews you would know this! Not only do they tend to produce some of the best thematic games, but they tend to be easier to teach to new players. Especially as that person doesn’t have to think they’re about to get beat on constantly by the better gamer – certainly works for my girlfriend anyway, thank you Forbidden Desert.
However historically themed games I don’t tend to go crazy for because it’s not my style. Not that we have many historical co-op games these days, but Freedom: The Underground Railroad springs to mind which was actually a pretty decent game, despite its highly sensitive theme – you can check out my personal review here.
So when you combine one of my most loved genres and one of my least favourite themes, what do you get? Neutrality? Or does one side outweigh the other? I’d like to think that if it’s a co-op game, that side will win the day and certainly it did with Freedom. But will that always be the case?
Here we have 7 Days of Westerplatte and before I played this game, if you asked me what this was in reference to? I would stand there in zombie mode with no clue whatsoever. Yeah, yeah all you historians, put away your pitchforks, my history trivia knowledge is pretty pitiful. I admit that after having given up the subject back in Year 8 of secondary school, much to my joy! But needless to say, since playing this I have been educated and I encourage you all to read this link to learn more before reading the rest of this review. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Westerplatte
But does it hold up as a good game in general and can it stand out amongst the competition?

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