Louis, Pills Here!! - Pandemic: The Cure Review

Pandemic, now this brings back a few memories and if you’ve ever played board games, you’ve probably heard of it too.
Back at the start of the 2014 I reviewed the original Pandemic game and was less than enthusiastic about it. I didn’t hate the game, but I felt it suffered from a few flaws that made it fall flat compared to all the other Co-Op’s I own which I love to bits. Now, why then. is it still in my collection? Well. it’s a great game to teach to new gamers and despite its flaws I still enjoy it. I also now own the latest expansion “In The Lab” and the game is actually boosted a lot in terms of theme although the expansion does make it a lot more complex.
There seems to be a major trend lately for publishers to release dice versions of games that already exist. BangNationsRace for the GalaxyThrough the Ages and many more have had the dice treatment and for the most part, they tend to act as a decent counterpart or in some cases a direct replacement. Dice hate me on a regular basis, but I love games with custom dice and so the prospect for a potential improvement on Pandemic for me was a solid one. Can replacing the cards with dice resolve the issues I have with the original? Someone pass me the bag…
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