Uwe Rosenberg's Greatest Hits - Fields of Arle Review

From the Uwe Rosenberg games I’ve played, I would say he fits easily into my Top 10 Designers list! Granted, not every game has been awesome and I have the occasional niggle with others, but Uwe Rosenberg does do well at injecting theme into his Euro games! Particularly those that focus on resource management!
My first encounter with him was the famous Agricola, a game which held a solid place in my collection…………..right up to the moment Caverna: The Cave Farmers came out! Yeah, if you’re going to release a better sequel, you have to accept that your previous venture might not get played again!
Glass Road was another good game, although I don’t like the character selection process in that you can get screwed by sheer bad luck of clashing with another player. The resource gathering and “farming” aspect of those games however is what draws me in, I think farming is a brilliant theme to use in a game as you can do lots with the subject area and you get a sense of creation and fulfillment with it. It’s not just Phase 1, Phase 2, rinse, repeat and nothing changes, you actually get to see something build up in front of you so at the end scoring you can sit back and go “I built this”. But what more can you do with the genre without falling into that sequel issue?

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