Modern Technology Makes Its Debut Appearance! - XCom The Board Game Review

We’ve barely entered 2015 and already we have a hyped up mega-release in the board gaming world.
Ever since XCOM was announced as a board game it has got a lot of fans of the computer game hot in anticipation, although it’s also received a bit of sceptism from gamers and technophobes who aren’t too keen on having an App as a fundamental aspect of the game.
Now I have the following two advantages working for me:
  • I’ve never played the computer game or any iteration of it.
  • I’m perfectly at home with technology and using Apps as a resource
This means that not only am I not going to be biased with regards to the franchise being stamped on, but I’m also not going to needlessly rate the game down just because it requires an App.
As some of you may know, I readily welcome the use of Apps in board games - we are in modern times after all and companion Apps, in the past, have really improved the experience and speed of games. With the help of Apps – 7 Wonders is a lot easier to score, Sentinels of the Multiverse makes HP/status tracking less of a chore and my throat is thankful that I don’t have to spout out the entire night time phase of One Night Ultimate Werewolf leaving it all to Eric Summerer. Even Alchemists makes life easier with the potion mixing App function it uses.
So with that all being said, this is a review I’ve looked forward to writing since I heard about the forthcoming release. A sci-fi themed co-operative game with an App requirement, based on a franchise, published by Fantasy Flight Games and designed by Eric Lang – who pretty much dominated 2014– this should be interesting…

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