The Order of Dan Podcast - COMING SOON!!

The page is a work in progress, but give it time! However this is what the big development is! As you know I've been doing guest reviews as part of the GamesQuest team, the equivalent online version of our FLGS. Well as well as putting out a lot of content in terms of articles and reviews (that you've seen me linking to) we are now trial running a new podcast!

The Order of Dan (don't ask about the name!) will feature several of us ranting and raving about board game topics of all kinds. Those of you who listen to my podcast will know that my blog is a solo effort. This will feature a group of us bouncing on and off each other, each with our own distinct personalities. We've just finished recording the pilot episode which was huge fun and I look forward to seeing how this turns out in the long run. We're hoping we can make this a bi-weekly affair or at the very least a monthly one.

So I ask the fans, please like the Facebook page and tune in soon when we release our pilot episode, naturally I'll link to it here and on The Broken Meeple itself. More to come soon!

The Order of Dan Podcast