Hyper 4X Cube Building - Hyperborea Review

Deck building – it’s a genre that every gamer knows about and when we think of deck-building we naturally picture a bunch of cards, endless shuffling, and for the most part, the same old style of play! Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the genre (LegendaryArctic ScavengersDominionMythotopia to name a few), but it’s losing its innovation and it needs a fresh kicking to bring something new to the playing field.
Some games have done this by changing the “deck” that is being built to a different medium such as dice and so far it’s proving effective, what with the original success of Quarriors and now the very entertaining Marvel Dice Masters. The change of components from cards to dice allows for some interesting mechanics. In Hyperborea we see another twist as we build our bags of cubes! Each colour represents a different type of action that you use throughout the game. Very few games, to my knowledge, use this and now we’ll see whether it fills a niche while offering a fun experience.

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